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LIVIN’NOW, another way of doing humanitarian work…




Welcome to LIVIN’NOW

The whole world is going through one of the most serious health crises in its history, that of Covid 19. No sector of life seems to be spared, whether it is the economy, education, development, not to mention its very crucible, What is health… The challenges are enormous, and LIVIN’NOW is aware that these planetary challenges are surmountable, if we all join hands.  We are currently seeing all over the world, the perverse effects of wars and natural disasters which impose urgent humanitarian actions. We also see how poverty, disease, lack of education, force us to take deep humanitarian actions. The world is asking for constant help. This is why our humanitarian actions will have no limits … LIVIN’NOW will be present all over the world. 

I would like to take the opportunity given to me by this great platform, to salute the collaboration with our partners around the world without whom our humanitarian actions would not take place. A special greeting goes to our indispensable partners in the Arab world, whose great generosity is well known, and, with whom, we will work in a coordinated and concerted manner, in this part of the world where the needs for humanitarian assistance are important. LIVIN’NOW will be on the ground, to come to the aid of suffering and less privilidge humanity, wherever it may be . 

The LIVIN’NOW association, of which I am the World President, offers many avenues of economic, educational and health solutions, with a direct impact on the level of development, both individual and collective. 

LIVIN’NOW, an international humanitarian association based in Paris, will organize itself to give the best of its actions to the underprivileged populations of the planet. Among these noble and large-scale actions, we can cite access to health, access to drinking water, access to electricity, access to education, the promotion of gestures and behaviors,to adopt, for the protection of the environment, etc. 

As I mentioned above, the challenges are enormous, and I can reassure you that, at LIVIN’NOW, we are ready to face them effectively …