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LIVIN’NOW, another way of doing humanitarian work… 







International Financial Expert
Executive in Charge of International Relations

Rich in my long career in international relations, I am very motivated to meet state, parastatal and private organizations, countries where LIVIN’NOW will carry out humanitarian actions. I have worked a lot to come to the aid of the underprivileged in the world in general, and more specifically in my country Cameroon, where I have carried out large and numerous humanitarian actions. The choice to position myself at the forefront in international contacts is not accidental. LIVIN’NOW knows that my heavy record in the direction of international contacts will be a strong point for its humanitarian actions in the world. My role, which is essential, will be to prepare in advance the governments and private organizations of the countries where she will go, to better understand the immense humanitarian work of LIVIN’NOW in the world “.


NJIKEU Yannick

Europe manager

Having spent my entire existence in community life in Africa, as in Europe, I have always been looking for innovative ideas to enable the emancipation of groups and communities. LIVIN’NOW offers me a great opportunity to be able, through its humanitarian objective, to offer destitute populations, wherever they are on the planet, drinking water, essential medicines, electricity, fertilizers and agricultural equipment, comfortable classrooms for students, etc….

With LIVIN’NOW, it is now the top speed, from all my experience in the field, in humanitarian work.”



America manager

It is rare to see so much dynamism in an association managed, as a reminder exclusively by volunteers… LIVIN’NOW is truly an international humanitarian association, of which I have the privilege of leading from its America department. We will take effective humanitarian actions in this part of the world, where many challenges await us.


Dominique HOLIE

Africa manager

welcome to LIVIN’NOW !!!

The LIVIN’NOW Association, of which I chair its Africa department, is an international humanitarian association, headquartered in Paris, the French capital.

Established all over the world, LIVIN’NOW would be happy to welcome you, Internet users from all walks of life, who have their hands on their hearts. Yes, you, who are sensitive to the sufferings of others, wherever they are, so that together, we can give of our humanism, to those who have lost all hope of having drinking water within their reach , or to eat at their end, to name just these two cases …

LIVIN’NOW is a humanitarian association where linguistic, religious and cultural barriers do not exist !!! Once again, welcome to this world of endless sharing “.

My role, as head of the Africa department, is to bring our LIVIN’NOW Association to carry out the most of its humanitarian actions on this continent, in order to significantly alleviate the multiple human sufferings, generally linked to poverty and disease, also often exacerbated by natural disasters.



Vice-Africa manager


Asia manager

The world today is confronted with political, economic and socio-economic hazards, which hit hard the less privileged, or people of a lower economic class. LIVIN’NOW, an international humanitarian association, is here to put an end to some of these problems that the world as a whole is facing. These are generally problems such as access to drinking water, electricity, health, education, etc. This work is that of LIVIN’NOW, if only you get involved too, by simply becoming a member, and enjoy the taste of life.