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LIVIN’NOW, another way of doing humanitarian work…

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Event Date

30 SEP 2021

Event Time

8:30 AM

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83 Andy Street Madison - 78002

The context that the world is currently going through is marked by numerous conflicts between nations, coupled with a devastating and large-scale pandemic. An inevitable consequence of this is the amplification of misery and poverty. Faced with these natural or man-made “disasters”, LIVIN’NOW, an international humanitarian association based in Paris, has thought of making its contribution to the fight against this misery and poverty, by taking beneficial local actions, towards these underprivileged populations of the world, in the field of health, education, food, etc. LIVIN’NOW has pushed its reasoning much further, imagining that by coming together, by pooling our efforts, we could validly support these deprived populations, by setting up the humanitarian kitty, which consists of the conjunction of individual donations of very low value, which, on a large scale, will allow the most disadvantaged populations, to quickly improve their living conditions… This is an exclusive and very original idea of ​​LIVIN’NOW, to boost its classic humanitarian actions, on the front line of its relentless fight against misery and poverty. THE HUMANITARIAN KITTY IS THEREFORE THIS EXCEPTIONAL PLACE, WHERE EVERY PERSON CAN COME TO MAKE A SYMBOLIC DONATION TO HELP OTHERS, BUT WHERE, BY A MECHANISM OF FATE, CAN SEE THEMSELVES BENEFITING FROM THE DONATION, WHICH SHE HAS PREVIOUSLY OFFERED TO OTHERS…Participation in this humanitarian kitty makes everyone an automatic donor member. This is another way of doing humanitarian work…

What is the context ?

In these times of global economic recession, humanity survives in atrocious misery. Donations are scarce, and therefore insufficient… Humanitarian organizations and states are sorely lacking the means to deal with emergencies and humanitarian needs on their own…

Can we change things ? Do we have the means ?

At LIVIN’NOW, we believe we have the means to change things. Indeed, the invention of the concept of the humanitarian kitty, in support of our classic humanitarian actions, will make it possible to optimize our humanitarian action on a large scale. These are the sure means, which we have for a humanitarian response, on a planetary scale… The humanitarian kitty is the fruit of many debates and analyzes internally, within our association, which led to this invention, typically LIVIN ‘NOW. The humanitarian kitty will offer valuable donations, which can have a long-term impact on the future of the beneficiary, his family and even his community. Mutual aid is at the heart of these donations, since the one who, because of his reflex to make a donation, even the smallest possible (symbolic gift), can receive in return, and if fate designates it, a gift of the same value as the one who offered a little more than him. This is the new distribution, whose horizontal impact is unimaginable…

What is the principle ?

Once the humanitarian kitty has been announced in your country, make your donation to our partner on site and receive your supporting receipt. This receipt will be used for your identification, if the order number appearing on your receipt, is drawn by lot in Paris. You will then benefit from your humanitarian kitty, the value of which will be set by the LIVIN’NOW association in Paris. By its principle, the LIVIN’NOW humanitarian kitty does not discriminate. Its singularity lies in the production of a maximum of beneficiaries…